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8 tips for a striptease at home

Is your sex life boring or monotonous? Whether it is the daily routine, the commitments or the responsibilities, sometimes the flame of passion goes out; But, how to avoid it? The solution could be in an erotic dance or striptease, do you dare?

According to Chiqui Marti, a professional in the erotic dance or striptease and who is a teacher at Strip-ArtStudio in Spain, she points out that this activity in addition to toning your muscles is an excellent way to feel sexy, to learn to love your body, improve self-esteem and, in addition, allows you to experience new things in your sex life.

If you are interested in doing an erotic dance to your partner, but do not know how to start EdenFantasys offers you 8 tips that will be useful:

1. You should feel comfortable with yourself. You will not be sexy if you do not feel sexy. Accept and enjoy your forms. Any woman can perform a great striptease or erotic dance regardless of whether she is shy or feels that her body does not have the "perfect curves". It's all about attitude. This is the time to be seductive, to nourish and release your sensual spirit.

2. Prepare yourself with time. Sometimes spontaneity can help, but not always. Practice in front of the mirror and rehearse your movements and wiggles. So you can see what your weaknesses are, plus you can make a little choreography. Let your imagination and sensuality fly.

3. Care your skin. It's good that from a few days before doing the striptease, exfoliate your skin and moisturize it well every day to look spectacular. Take into account that you will have a person looking at you directly when you get undressed, so it is important that you look confident and confident and the sensation of a beautiful skin can help you.

4. Choose your underwear. Remember that not being the last of the show is the least important. Try to choose some very small panties. The key is to show little and at the same time a lot. So select some that cover part of the buttocks. Transparencies are a good option.

5. Some strategies In the process of undressing, stand on your back to remove the lower part of your clothes and show them the silhouette of your curves; Then, approach him and ask him to help you unfasten your bra, let your hands caress you but invite him to be patient.

6. A position that will always favor you. While dancing, keep one leg in front of the other, with the heel up, whenever possible. This way your legs and body will look elegant and thin.

7. Feel, but above all? Enjoy! Do not feel pressured to act at the beginning of the song. Take your time and start when you're ready. Walk around your partner, touch him, drag your fingers through his hair and feel the rhythm.

8. Final. Terminal in your arms or with a deep and exciting kiss is a great ending; however, this is only up to you. Find the one that best and the one that excites you the most.

Everything in the sexual field is allowed, as long as there is respect between both members of the couple, do not forget it.

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